5 Best Places to Run in Colorado Springs

With the varied terrain of a city in the mountains, Colorado Springs has a lot of options for ways to explore. Whether you are a hiker, a runner, or simply looking for an adventure, these are the trails worth conquering.


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1. Pike’s Peak Greenway/Mountain Valley Park

Start out with the easiest path first. This greenway goes right through the center of town and allows you to get the lay of the land before you progress to more challenging terrain. It is 40 miles worth of running throughout the city. With creeks and breathtaking views, you get the perfect blend of urban mixed with nature.

2. Legacy Loop-Pikes Peak Greenway

This trail is 10-miles and nearly all off-road, making it a great loop to use for training because it is easily accessible from all over the city. The loop is relatively flat as well, a rarety in Colorado Springs.
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3. Palmer Park

Palmer Park has 25 miles worth of trails with varying terrain and difficulty. The hilliness rather than the footing is what makes some trails in this park a challenge. You will be running on this mesa that gives you brilliant views of the entire city.

4. Garden of the Gods Loop

With iconic views around every turn and the challenging up and down paths, you will most definitely feel like a god yourself by the end of this run.
“Take the highlights, without the crowds.” –Mikhaila Redovian
At Garden of the Gods, it is best to go early in the morning since the crowds come to enjoy this tourist attraction later in the day.
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5. Manitou Incline

This is a pinnacle climb, it challenges perseverance and strength. Although short, the trail is brutal. You take step by step up the side of a mountain to arrive at a view that you truly earned. It’s a test of willpower and gives incredible rewards when you reach the top.
This is the ultimate incline, elevating you straight up a mountain in a grueling 1.1 miles.

How to Get There:

Take the Mountain Metro if you need to get closer to these destinations.

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  • Stay hydrated
  • Bring Something Sweet (fruit, nuts, energy bar, etc.)
  • Wear a hat/sunglasses
  • Have a charged phone (for pictures and for safety)
  • Corona Pandemic Travel Safety Tips


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