Accessibility At RAD Hostel

Please read through our RAD Hostel accessibility statement, which outlines the details of our property as it relates to ADA accessibility. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us, and we’ll do whatever we can to best accommodate you during your stay.

Our facility has the following amenities for ADA accessibility:

Front Office, TV/Living Room Common Area, and Communal Kitchen Accessibility

When you arrive, you’ll check in by entering our front office, which has a 36-inch wide doorway. We have a permanent wheelchair-accessible ramp that provides access to our front desk, TV/living room common area, and communal kitchen. The permanent wheelchair ramp leads up to a 36-inch wide doorway.

Room and Bathroom Accessibility

Our portable ramp can be used at any of our room entrances, providing ease of access while using a wheelchair or walker. Rooms 1-6 have a 3-inch concrete step at the doorway, while rooms 7-15 have an 8-inch initial concrete step leading to another 3-inch step.

The bathrooms in our male dorm and coed dorm both have 30-inch doorways, while the rest of our rooms have 20-22 inch bathroom doorways.


We have a designated handicap-accessible parking spot directly in front of our front office. It is wide enough for a van and van ramp while providing direct access to the permanent wheelchair ramp leading to our front office and communal space.

All guest rooms have street-level parking access.


Guest room entrance doorways are 36 inches in width and have doorknobs. We are currently using a keyless system. A code will be provided for your room’s digital doorknob at check-in to provide secure access during your stay.

Elevators or Stairs

We do not have an elevator, and our guest rooms are all on the ground level. The communal kitchen has stairs leading up to the rear door, but the front entrance to the shared kitchen and living room areas can be accessed using our permanent wheelchair ramp.

Public Restrooms

We have a public restroom in the communal front area, which is ADA-compliant and has a 36-inch wide doorway.

ADA Signage

We do not currently have any signs in braille. Our handicapped-designated parking spot and front wheelchair ramp are clearly marked, as well as the shared restroom in the common area.

Food Service Areas

Our communal kitchen and adjacent eating area are accessible by wheelchair. Countertops, tables, complimentary breakfast options, and kitchenware are also easily-accessible at wheelchair height.

Common Areas

All of our common areas, including the TV/living room, communal kitchen, and back patio, are wheelchair-accessible.


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