Best Places to Listen to Live Music in the Springs

When it’s time to shake your feet and rock back and forth to the tunes of talented local musicians in diverse venues, this is your go-to list:


Armadillo Ranch

Old school rock n’ roll bands play on the main stretch of Manitou Springs, creating a feeling of being back in time. The food and drink menu is great, including vegan and vegetarian options. It’s a homie space that is awesome for a night out with friends enjoying a beer and a classic song.


Unpretentious hangout spot in a small cozy space with a large outdoor patio area. Depending on the night, you can enjoy an open mike night, a burlesque show, or a themed dance night. This venue keeps it interesting by making unique events that are different each day of the week. If you crave the unexpected, this is the place for you.

RAD Hostel - Jives Coffee Lounge
Jives Coffee Lounge

cafe for creative drinks and live music

This shop believes that nothing goes better with a cup of coffee than live music and a chill atmosphere. Several of the musicians also work as baristas, so you will be entering into a little world where quality brews and the craft of music-making go hand in hand. Be prepared to become part of this intoxicating vibe that is always looking to welcome new people into their community.


Grateful Dead Heads live here. Immerse in the culture, talk to the locals, and enjoy local beers. Both local and national music acts grace the stage every week. If you are in search of a location that encapsulates the local culture (both food, music, and patrons) you should wander into this bar.

RAD Hostel - The Gold Room
The Gold Room

Bands, dinner theatre, and a yummy meal as you are entertained. This is an art deco building from the 1930s, you get the added benefit of a beautiful location. They also have a streaming broadcast as well as live events, so no matter what mood you are in, you can enjoy quality music.

The Jazz Funk Connection

A live music venue created by musicians to deliver amazing sounds while patrons enjoy their food and beer selection. Each day of the week has a different genre of music featured, and musicians from all over the world perform. Some nights there is karaoke night, allowing you to live your dream of performing on stage. Or yell into the mike after having one too many drinks, your call.

Bar K

A small space that offers all the things you want to do after a day of exploring. It’s simple and a perfect place to hang out and play games such as foosball or pool with friends. The drinks are exceptional and the music will keep you motivated as you shoot to win, lining up the 8-ball for the finish.

A great way to engage in the Colorado Springs local culture and enjoy some talented musicians at the same time.


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