Guide to Shopping Cannabis in Colorado Springs

People who visit Colorado are usually not ignorant of the fact that cannabis use is legal in the state. But they are less knowledgeable about where to get it, how it operates, and that there is a vast difference between the medical and recreational industries. Here is a step by step guide on what you need to know before setting out for your next high.

RAD Hostel - Medical vs. Recreational
Medical vs. Recreational

This is the first place to start because it is important to know that if you are visiting Colorado Springs, this city is MEDICAL ONLY. Meaning, you need to be a Colorado State resident and carry a MED card to purchase marijuana. Recreational is available in nearby towns such as Manitou Springs and Pueblo if you are visiting Colorado from out-of-state.

RAD Hostel - Dispensary
Where to Go

Denver– Cutting edge in the cannabis industry. If you are looking to have an experience when you go to a dispensary that is unique, visiting Denver to buy your cannabis is a must-do

Manitou Springs– Convenient, it is the closest option from Colorado Springs for recreational marijuana options.

Pueblo– South of Colorado Springs, a little closer than Denver with the same amount of options for recreational smokers. There are also more options to choose from than Manitou Springs along with being less expensive.

RAD Hostel - Varieties of HIGHS
Varieties of HIGHS

Flower The most classic approach to getting high is by smoking flower. Understanding the difference in strains and the distinction of indica, hybrid, and sativa will allow you to customize your experience.

Edibles: Better if you are looking for longer-lasting effects or a more of a “body high.”

Concentrates: For those that are tired of smoking straight flower and are looking for a more fast-acting option. Also, if you have a higher tolerance, concentrates are more potent.

RAD Hostel - What you NEED to Know about Cannabis
What you NEED to Know

With ample amounts of options in this booming industry, it also means a large range of quality available. Organic, non-synthetic, and no pesticides are the best way to ensure you are getting the cleanest high possible. In other words, you are getting high off cannabis and not other chemicals that have affected the overall quality of the plant.

RAD Hostel - Where Can You Smoke Cannabis
Where Can You Smoke?

Do your research before you book a place to stay while in Colorado. Each place has the right to allow marijuana smoking or not. If they do allow cannabis smoking, there will most likely be a designated spot. In public places, smoking is not legal.

Overall, it is important to take away that marijuana use in Colorado Springs is legal, that purchasing cannabis however must be done in neighboring towns if you are from out of state (Recreational). It is a unique aspect of Colorado to enjoy cannabis products. If you are interested in partaking while in the state, simply be informed about the laws and it can be an enjoyable experience.


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