Colorado Hostel

Communal Kitchen

Communal Kitchen

Our communal kitchen is a central gathering place where hostel staff interact with guests and socialize over meals. There are two tables and a countertop bar to take a seat and strike up a conversation with fellow hostelers.

The central kitchen and our smaller back lounge are stocked with utensils, cups, and bowls for your use, as well as microwaves and toaster ovens to heat leftovers.

Every morning from 8 am until 10 am, the space comes to life for our complimentary breakfast as guests grab a bite and plan the day. Of course, you’ll find coffee and tea, but also a variety of cereals, oatmeal, fruit, bread, and eggs, along with a toaster, stovetop, and kitchenware to prepare your breakfast however you’d like. We also have vegan options like almond and oat milk and gluten-free cereals.

Breakfast options at our Colorado Hostel, in Colorado Springs

Pancake Weekends

In what has become a beloved and delicious weekend tradition, Saturdays and Sundays feature pancakes, and who doesn’t love pancakes?! We are pancake-making pros, preparing your flapjacks to order, including classic regular, blueberry, or chocolate chip.

Join us for pancakes on the weekend, coffee and toast on a weekday morning, or evening tea and snacks – here at RAD, we come together over food, and you always have a seat at our table.


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