Rock Climbing in the Springs

Brian Bentzinger

An experienced climber that gave me the details on all the best places to get up in the air and onto the rocks.

I started the day making my morning eggs. And then I asked about climbing after expressing interest in writing about the idea the next day. My casual question turned into ample research he listed off, and resources he was referencing on both his computer and phone. After a few bites of my breakfast and sips of coffee, I opened my laptop and tried to keep up with the rapid force of Bran Bentzinger. He just arrived to work at the hostel for the next few months and has already expressed a gripping excitement for life in Colorado Springs.

And life, to him, is the outdoors. Not just seeing it, being a part of it.

After riding to Colorado Springs from Denver on his bicycle I should have known this guy was hardcore. His deeds, however, were so naturally a part of who he is, it was his normal.

Here are his recommendations of the best rock climbing locations in and around Colorado Springs-based on experience level, overall enjoyment of the site ratings, and the distance it takes to get there.

Brian Bentzinger


Front Range Climbing Company

This guided tour place will let you go out to all the terrains you’ve dreamed of. It is can be considered pricey, but worth it if you are looking for guidance on your adventure as well as gear included in the price.

Places to Go. (Check out the routes)


Red Rocks Open Space

85 routes, provide ample amounts of climbing that are a mix in easy and difficult.

Garden of the Gods
172 routes in one of the most iconic locations in Colorado Springs, making each climbing route breathtaking and a one of a kind way to experience this touristy spot.

RAD Hostel - Mt. Herman

Mt. Herman
47 routes, located in Pikes National Forest Area, and a 30-minute drive to the trailhead. This is a great option for bouldering as well as a fun option for beginners.

Clear Creek Canyon Rock Climbing
A 2.5-hour drive but once you arrive, there is an endless amount to climb. With over 1,000 climbs available to choose from, there will be more than enough to keep you completely occupied.

How Fun They Are. (Rating)


Mountain Project Rated

This site rates the climbs and is a trusted source among climbers to find out how enjoyable the scale is. It is based on the enjoyment factor more than the difficulty. So no matter what you choose if it higher rated, you will have a worthwhile experience.

Yosemite Scale
A scale for outdoor climbs to measure the difficulty of the route.

RAD Hostel - City Rock Ropes Climbers Center
Indoor Gyms.
Offer versatility and are able to give their customers lots of options.

CityRock Ropes Climbers Center
This gym is centrally located in Downtown Colorado Springs. It has a 44-46 foot wall with a perfect arch for lead people. And for all those SpiderMan fans, you get to climb on the ceiling. It is a more expensive gym membership, but you get access to a yoga studio and training gym included with your membership.

RAD Hostel - The Ute & Yeti

The Ute & Yeti
Artisan Bar right in the climbing gym for when you need a cool one and a breather. Or maybe a delicious meal to wind down from your workout. With a massive craft beverage inventory and delicious menu, it’s easy to, “Sling back a beer in a one of a kind setting.”

Modern climbing, competition-style boulders.


Springs Climbing Center
Whether you want to be on a team, receive group lessons, private lessons, or a birthday party this center can accommodate you. There is also a yoga studio included as well as a climbfit class. Every week is different and they integrate high-intensity cardio, strength, power training, and core conditioning for 30-60 minutes.

Colorado Springs has…
Beginner, intermediate, or advanced;
Outdoor and indoor options varying in terrain and the level of challenge you want.

RAD Hostel - Resources for gear
Resources for gear.
More things to do in Colorado Springs.


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