Ways to Spread Love this Holiday Season

During a time of isolation and uncertainty, it is more important than ever this holiday season to spread #LOVE. These are the ways that add some light to the winter holidays.

RAD Hostel - Love to Self
Love to Self
#selflove #selfcare
  • Take time for yourself: it is important to prioritize yourself during the holidays. It can get overwhelming worrying about what you will do for others, so remembering to take time for yourself will keep this time of year out of the stress-danger zone.
  • Do something good for yourself: doing something you like is a great reward for getting through all the must-dos of your day, week, year. You deserve it, and taking the time to reward yourself will maintain a healthy relationship with yourself.
  • Get something done: make a list of things you want to get done, then make sure you get at least one done that day. Making attainable goals and keeping them will keep you positive and motivated. “Feeling good, like I should…
RAD Hostel - Love to Others
Love to Others
#caring #community #randomactsofkindness
  • Donate to a Food Bank – a can of beans to you is nothing, but combine that with the generosity of others and you have made someone a meal. Taking the time to give just a little bit, makes waves in the world that help and make change.
  • Send out Holiday cards – let loved ones or strangers know that someone is thinking of them and wishing them well, drop a note in a neighbors mailbox, share a caring sentiment, it’s guaranteed to make someone’s day.
  • Spontaneous acts of kindness – drive-thru surprise (pay for the person behind you) – bake someone some treats
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We may not be able to show we care through physical proximity this year. But we can still spread the LOVE & CHEER of the season. Happily and safely.


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