What to Pack for Colorado Springs

Are you planning a trip to Colorado Springs? There are two things you need to know ahead of time. Number one, you need to know that you are in for the adventure of a lifetime. And number two, you need to know what to pack! Here are the top 10 things you need to pack on your next trip to this amazing region of the Rockies.

  1. Carry-on Size Suitcase
    Anyone who’s stayed in a hostel dorm before knows how helpful it is to pack light. With this size of suitcase, you can easily stash all your belongings in your room locker or under your bed. And when it’s time to move on to your next destination, packing up and moving around is a breeze.
  2. Coat or Jacket
    If you’re coming to Colorado in the winter to enjoy the slopes, packing warm clothes and a waterproof coat is a must. Even in the summertime, it can get chilly at night and up at high altitudes. Regardless of the time of year, bring clothes that you can wear in layers.
  3. Hiking Shoes
    Colorado Springs and the surrounding area is known for its trails. (There are even several trails just a short distance from ColoRADo Adventure Hostel, such as Pulpit Rock!) They range in terrain, from dirt-packed paths to rocky ridges. Make sure you have suitable shoes.
  4. Bike and Helmet
    Colorado Springs has fantastic bike paths running through the city, and cycling is a great green option to get around town and through trails. But actually, if you’re staying at ColoRADo Adventure Hostel, you don’t have to worry about packing bike gear- the hostel offers bikes, helmets, and locks for free!
  5. Moisture-Wicking Clothes
    Need an excuse to do some pre-trip shopping? Find some clothes made of breathable fabric that won’t cling to sweat. If your clothing budget is limited, start by getting moisture-wicking shirts and socks. Shirts made of this technical fabric are available in virtually every clothing store nowadays (check the athletic section), and socks made of material such as merino wool will keep your feet dry year-round. Regardless of the kind of adventures you’ll be having in the Springs, they’ll be even better when you’re not drenched in perspiration!
  6. Reusable Water Bottle
    Since you need to keep hydrated with all your outdoor adventure, it’s a good idea to keep hydrated in an eco-friendly fashion. And if you’re going to visit Manitou Springs, it’s definitely important to bring something to drink out of- you’ll want to be able to sample all the free-flowing spring water throughout the town!
  7. Rain Gear
    Whether you choose to bring an umbrella or rain jacket, you may need it at a moment’s notice! Even in the heat of summer, a Colorado thunderstorm can come out of nowhere.
  8. Sunglasses
    Look cool and avoid the glare of the bright Colorado sun. Even in the snow, it’s important to have proper protection against the sun, and sunglasses are one way you can protect your eyes and face.
  9. Smartphone
    There are a ton of great places to eat in Colorado Springs, and some of these restaurants have freebies or special offers for those who download and use their app. You can also use your phone to log onto the free hostel WiFi and find out all the events that are happening in the area that day, or ask the hostel receptionist for their insider tips. Oh, and your camera app will be used for taking hundreds of pictures of the beautiful scenery!
  10. Travel Journal
    A great way to wind down a day of adventure is by recording everything in your travel journal. With all the fun things you can pack into one day, it will be hard to remember all you did even by the next week. With a travel journal, you’ll be able to look back at your detailed memories for years to come. It may become the best souvenir you’ll ever have!

Written by Jessica Lippe



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